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Hey Gang,

Earlier today an essay called “What’s right with Libertarianism” was published at caps.fool.com as a rebuttal to someone else’s criticism. While certain points may irritate the purists among you I thought most would enjoy reading both it and the following comments. I especially liked this.

Antagonist - Second, Marxism is a mirror image of Libertarianism.

The difference is that Marxism specifically limited the personal freedoms of individuals. You were forced to become part of the community and had no choice but to succumb to the ideals of your government and your society. Nowhere in Libertarianism will you find constraints to collectivism. Libertarianism only opens up the avenues to which you can obtain this collectivism. Individual freedom and being part of a larger community are not mutually exclusive. Marxism absolutely inhibits individual freedom.

Antagonist - Libertarians also assume that if people are not subject to prevailing cultural models or fashions, they will automatically end up adopting conventional bourgeois lifestyles.

When I read this, I knew that you fundamentally misunderstand the goals and values of Libertarians. We do not assume that people will make socially beneficial choices at all times or that people will always exercise self-restraint. What we do assume, is that it is well worth the risk of having the opportunity to make decisions for yourself. Secondly, the moral zeitgeist is constantly evolving. What is considered "morally acceptable" today, will be different tomorrow. Libertarians do not concern themselves with what is "morally acceptable", it is irrelevant.


The rest can be found at;


Let me know if referring to someone else’s work is against the community rules.

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So did anyone in the community attend, or is planning to attend the Tax Protests today? If so, can you tell us what you thought?

I think Maryland has a unique place in today’s protests as many people here are irritated more at the state legislature then the Federal Government, although there is waste at every level.


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Corporations vs The Market or Whip Conflation Now.

Read if you think you know what "capitalism" means.

My favorite part is the part where he actually cites references for his assertions.
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Next week, I will be going down to the DSS to apply for food stamps, wic, and other government assistance. As a libertarian, this obviously hurts my soul, BUT I am only in this position because I am the single mother of two children. I am getting divorced from my relatively well off husband and I am out on my ass with nothing. I am mooching off of my parents while I look for a full time job. Of course, having been out of work for three years caring for children does not workin my favor. If I were single, pssh. . .I'd be couch surfing or living in my car, no issue, no need for govt assistance. It's easy to be homeless when you're single, and easy to take responsibility for your economic choices.

I'm looking for philosophy, not sympathy. . .

I think my situation presents an interesting dilemma for libertarians:

Given that:

- Having and caring for children clearly has value

- Having and caring for [your own] children has no economic compensation, as other services of value do.

How are primary caregivers compensated in a libertarian paradigm?

Possible answers in line with libertarian values include:

They aren't
It is the choice of each individual to reproduce and accept the consequences of that decision, which includes economic consequences. Tough luck, parents.

This answer fails because having children is an absolute necessity for any society to continue, even a libertarian society. To punish citizens for fulfilling an indispensable function of society is ludicrous.

All parents work, and pay someone else to take care of their children, thus the economy flourishes and we all live in shangri-la forever!

This answer fails because it just passes the burden elsewhere and STILL punishes parents economically. Let's not even go into why making it nearly impossible for parents to actually care for their own children is a psychological and sociological travesty

This proves why libertarianism fails and we should all be communists!

Feel free to elaborate at length upon this point. I probably won't respond, since it is tangential to my actual question.
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when I watched this, the first word out of my mouth was "Dude!" Followed by "What the fuck?"

The mother of the kid is calling for the cop's badge. I hope she gets it, because this guy was totally out of line. All he had to do was say: "Hey, guys, there's no skateboarding here. Get out of here!" It baffles me why he felt the need to harass these kids, who really were not being that disrespectful at all.

Ahh Baltimore. Thank goodness you are so tough on serious criminals like kids who skateboard in the wrong place. Surely your violent crime rate will go down soon?

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Maryland’s primary election will be held Feburary 12 this year. Do we have any contests within the state’s Libertarian Party this year? I can’t find any information about it at;



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Since people seem to be paying attention to this community again, did anyone catch Ron Paul's talk yesterday at Hopkins on non-interventionist foreign policy?

Anyone have a link to video or a transcript?

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Hello Everyone.

Yesterday’s debacle made me wonder if we were fielding any candidates for local office in 2008?

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